The Herchenbach Family Tree

This Family Tree allows browsing through about 10 000 descendants of Peter Heinrich Herchenbach , born 1610 on a farm near Neunkirchen, Germany. It lists the ancestor on top and his offspring below him. Clicking on a name yields more detailed information and adds that person's children to the display. To get to a certain person, you can either “click yourself through” up to 16 generations or enter the name in the search box to your left.

Usage Notes
• In the bottom-most line, simply pointing the mouse on a person temporarily shows that person's children. In the lines already “fixed” by clicking, moving the mouse has no effect.
• Of course, clicking on a name can also be used to return to an earlier generation.
• In the detailed information, place names can be clicked to show their location on a little map. By default, this map shows the place of birth.
• When searching for marriage partners, use maiden names.
• Little dots indicate a person's offspring count: · = at least 10, ·· = at least 100, ··· = at least 1000

PS: To correct or update this tree, please send an email to Michael Herchenbach .

a graphical representation of the tree

Note: For the time being, due to privacy concerns, people with birthdates in 1930 or later are being hidden in the tree.