average age attained *
P.H. Herchenbach & Desc.:984263
Partners:390168 (partners are not included in the ranking statistics)
Children per marriage:2.4
Birthdate occurences:
Most frequent surnames:
Herchenbach 536
Klein 454
Sondgeroth 290
Rosauer 266
Most frequent places of birth:
Neunkirchen, D 233
Waterloo, IA 180
Eischeid, D 128
Niederhorbach, D 115
Longest distances between
places of birth and death:
Herchenbach, Heinrich  8220 km [5109 mi]
Walterscheid, Joseph  8093 km [5030 mi]
Walterscheid, Wilhelm  8093 km [5030 mi]
Highest places of birth:
Laurer, Daniel Amor  1864 m [6115 ft] (Cheyenne, WY)
Jungers, Lance Michael  1829 m [6001 ft] (Colorado Springs, CO)
Neubauer, Mary Josephine  1829 m [6001 ft] (Colorado Springs, CO)
Lowest places of birth:
Chapman, Leo Theodore  1 m [3 ft] (Lake Arthur, LA)
Chapman, Jerome  1 m [3 ft] (Lake Arthur, LA)
Keller, Allen S.  1 m [3 ft] (Lake Arthur, LA)
Northernmost places of birth:
Klein, Terri Ann  61° N (Anchorage, AK)
Thiel, Thomas  54° N (Schwerin, D)
Fischer, Ellen Sofie  54° N (Bremerhaven, D)
Southernmost places of birth:
Herchenbach, Ivan Anthony  21° N (Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI)
Hemmer, Kristi Marie  28° N (Corpus Christi, TX)
Micek, Marissa Lynn  29° N (San Antonio, TX)
*) Considered are only those persons already deceased who attained an age of at least 16 (to make a comparison to partners 'fair', who could hardly have become such in case they died as children)